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Jamai Shashti

It is the day of the son-in-laws. If there is a "son-in-law day" anywhere in the world, it is here in Bengal!

This is a day where the mother-in-laws invite their daughters and son-in-laws for a sumptuous meal. Bengalis are, in general, foodies and this is demonstrated on this day where the quintessential Bengali mom-in-law treats her son-in-law with a plethora of dishes, the prominent among them being the head of a rohu or katla fish (machher muro) and garden-fresh mangoes. Since this festival is held in the month of April-May, the mom-in-law symbolically fans her son-in-law with handmade fans of dried leaves of palm tree.

Though with global moms-in-laws and sons-in-laws, this festival is gradually being forgotten, it is, even today, not uncommon to see in the streets of cities of Bengal, dhoti clad newlywed son-in-law with his beloved wife visiting his mom-in-law in a rickshaw with a pot full of Bengal’s own Rosogulla.

We also hope our products and services for Jamai Shashti will rekindle some of your old memories of the festival.

Enjoy and Celebrate your Bangaliana!

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