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Ratha Jatra

Ratha Jatra is probably one of the festivals (celebrated mostly in Bengal, Orissa and other parts of Eastern India) that have got globalised, thanks to the ISKON group.

However, what is probably unique to Bengal in celebrating this festival is the involvement of children. In not so distant past, the children would have their own miniature chariots with idols of the three deities (Jagannath, Balaram and Subhadra), decorate the chariots with coloured paper and accessories and proudly take out their decorated chariots in their locality ("para"). Children from one locality will compete with those from the neighboring one on whose chariot has been decorated the best.

In the evening there are many fairs (or melas) where people can enjoy the local food and sundry gift items.

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Enjoy and Celebrate your Bangaliana!

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