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Viswakarma Puja

Viswakarma is the Hindu God of craftsmen and engineers. Viswakarma Puja is celebrated in all factories, technical institutes and by all people who earn their living from industry.

Bengal is one of the few places in India where Viswakarma Puja is celebrated with galore.

What is more interesting is that in Bengal Viswakarma Puja is celebrated along with kite festival. This is the time young and adult fly colourful kites. There are kite competitions where one kite beats another by cutting the thread of the other. It is an exciting duel to participate and watch.

Kite flying is common in many culture and many nations, but probably kite fight in the sky is something Bengalis can consider unique to their culture.

Relive your childhood by kite flying along with your children!

Enjoy and Celebrate your Bangaliana!

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